Here are some quotes from previous students, reproduced with their kind permission. Testimonials regarding the Advanced Diploma are here:

"You and Karen have given me an absolutely excellent grounding in hypnotherapy and a real enthusiasm for the profession and I'll be happy to recommend your course to anyone I meet who shows an interest in training."

"Great group of people! Really glad I chose this course. Karen and Paul are really nice and extremely knowledgeable, their delivery of course content is extremely good – very efficient."

"Thank you; what wonderful pictures to remind us of a fantastic course - it truly was the best ever course I have done since starting nursing, counselling etc in 1973 ......are you sure you didn't install that thought Paul?! I would just like to say a big thank you to you both for such a fantastic time!"

"I feel very comfortable with both tutors and other members of the group. The organisation and structure is excellent."

"Really liked the interactive teaching style."

"The focus on practical work is doing wonders for my confidence."

"I really like the thought and organisation that has gone into this course, the wealth of detail, the accessibility of information, and the dedication of the tutors."

"Very quick response to communications, and marking came back much faster than I thought it would. Amazing and made me feel you valued the course and students."

"Such a shame that I have come to hypnotherapy reasonably late in life - wish I'd taken this training course 10 years ago."

"You are good tutors, patient and very approachable. Thank you very much."

"Great balance between theory and practice. The course has been good fun as well as hard work. You have some great techniques to get everyone involved, and the feedback on homework has always been encouraging."

"I really like the humour, plenty of practicals, encouragement from tutors to keep practising with clients and being encouraged by tutors to work outside my comfort zone."

"...good communication - face to face + email, prompt replies, relaxed atmosphere, pushing us as and when required."

"I feel very proud of my certificate as I know I have worked really hard. You have given me the knowledge to help others and I know you have high standards, therefore I know my homework has also been of the highest standard."

"I really liked the tutors, in particular, their professionalism and approachability."

"An excellently conceived and delivered course of study. I will recommend highly."